Tuesday, 3 January 2017

DIYs Dried Flower Gift Ideas: Surprise Your Loved Ones

The holiday seasons are a great time to send gifts to friends and family. Making gifts yourself is a good idea, as it becomes special and unique to the person who is receiving it. An expert at Intercon Impex says, “You can use dried flowers and dried plant parts to surprise your loved ones by the gifts created by you and bring the smile on their faces.” Here are some easy DIY gifts ideas using dry flowers that she suggests

Dried Flower Soaps

Dried flower soaps will make beautiful gifts and they are also easy to make. Let’s discuss how to make them. You will need dried flowers and dried herbs, soap base and soap mould. Soap base is easily available and you should choose the one’s with natural ingredients. In case you don’t have silicone moulds, you can use other containers and make sure you grease them with natural oil.

Heat the soap base in the microwave till it melts. You should melt it gradually without applying too much heat at once. Once your soap base gains liquid form, you can add colour or fragrance to it. Essential oil will make your soap smell good. Although transparent soaps will look majestic, you can add colour to your soap to magnify the beauty of your soap. Use natural colouring agents to colour your soaps. After the soap mix is ready, position the dried flowers in the mould. If you want the dried flowers to float in the soap, you can position them using toothpicks.  Pour the soap mix and let it set for 45 minutes and voila, your soap is ready.  You can use your imagination to place herbs and leaves in your soap. Body-friendly glitter can also be added to the mix in order to get a fairytale effect.

Natural Candles

Making candles is easy and you can gift them to your loved ones too. You need wax (of your choice), dried flowers, mould and oil (you can skip them if you want make pretty jar candles).  This is a bit of a messy job, so make sure you cover your working zone with old newspapers to avoid the cleaning process that might follow otherwise.

Melt the wax and add essential oil for fragrance. You can also add colour at this point of time. If you are planning to make transparent candles, you can create the floating effect just like the soaps. In case you are making jar candles, you place the dried flowers on the walls of the jar. After this pour the wax and let it harden.

 If you are using mould, there are two ways to add dried flowers to them. First oil the mould and then place dried flowers before pouring wax. Or else you can first make the candles and then stick on the dry flowers. To stick the dried flowers, first melt the outer layer of the candle and then place the flowers there. The flowers will get glued on naturally once the wax dries.

Home Decorations

If you have glass bottles or glass jars, just fill them with various types of dry flowers and dry plant parts. You can add glittered pieces, pearls and coloured stones along with the dried nature goodies. Add ribbon bows to add a finishing touch. Your loved ones will love to decorate this piece in their home.

Apart from this, you can decorate mobile covers, make bookmarks, decorate scrapbooks, create wall decorations and make pendants using dried flowers. These DIY gifts will both add a touch of your creativity to the gifts you give to your loved ones.

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