Friday, 2 December 2016

Dried Flower Christmas Ideas: Natural and Stylish Decoration Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is busy making preparations. Unique gifting and decoration ideas are something everyone is looking for.  Using dry flowers and dried plant parts is a good way to add elegance and beauty to your decorations and gifts. If you want ideas on how to use dried flowers and dried flower products for the purpose of decoration and gift-wrapping in a unique style before the 25th of December, read on.


Christmas Doors Decoration

Green mistletoe wreaths are quite common with almost everyone choosing them to decorate their doors. Instead of these you can opt for exotic wreaths made of dried plant parts. Dried pinecones, dried lotus pods, bell berries, cedar, wheat, stone moss, casuarinas fruits, canella, etc are used in exotic wreaths. You can also add cinnamon sticks in the wreaths which will add a natural fragrance.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Dried flowers, fruits, spices and plant parts will make for fantastic Christmas tree decorations. If you want your decorations to be unique, then skip the normal decorations in favour of elegant and stylish pieces made from dried plant parts. An expert from Intercon Impex suggests, “A transparent Christmas ball filled with dried flower petals, seeds or small dehydrated fruits and berries will be an attractive decoration. They can be hung on the Christmas tree using natural ribbons.” Dried orange and bell slices look simple yet beautiful, when they hang down from Christmas tree branches.  

Chinese lantern fruits or cape berries can be used along with thistle, rosehips, moss, casuarinas, pine, seeds, dehydrated berries etc. to make an exotic bunch or small bouquets. These exotic bunches or small bouquets can be hung on the tree like ornaments. They add a natural and earthy look. You can also add spices like cinnamon, bay leaf, star anise etc to this bouquet or bunch. This will help add natural aroma to your living room.  Silk cotton or Old man’s Beard can be used to add not only the snow effect but also a fairy-tale appearance.

Christmas balls made of spices, orange slices, bell slices or pine will make your Christmas tree look like it has come straight out of a fantasy land. Berries, seeds, fruits, etc. can be dried up and then put together to make heart-shaped pieces. Hang this heart on your tree and fill the atmosphere with love. Similarly, you can also make a star using old man’s beard or other dried plant parts.


When it comes to packing Christmas gifts, all that comes to mind are the usual papers, gift wraps, etc. But nothing is unique about it. Why not use some dried plant products and add your personalised touch to the Christmas gifts you are sending to your friends and family. It’s the simplest way to express your love and care this holiday season. Plus your gift will be the centre of attraction. You can simply add exotic dried flowers and plant parts to the gift. And the effect it creates is immense.

Apart from Christmas trees, doors and gifts; dried flowers and dried plant parts can be used to decorate other parts of the house. Potpourri made from spices, dried flowers and dry plants placed in a decorative bowl can be placed on centre tables and dinner tables to create a spectacular look. You can also decorate your vases with dried flowers and plant parts like wheat, pods, sticks, etc. Coloured or glittered dehydrated flowers and plant parts are a perfect choice for all Christmas decorations. Let your imagination run loose this Christmas and create some magic.

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