Friday, 30 September 2016

Top 9 Uses of Dry Flowers

In spite of lacking its life, dry flower has the efficiency to be used in everyday life because of its beauty. It shows that life may be beautiful, but death is not “the end”. You can find dried flowers in India and all over the world. In today’s lifestyle, dry flowers have a number of uses in different areas. Some of the popular uses of dry flowers are discussed below.

  1. Environment friendly:
    As dry flowers are nothing but a result of recycled methods, they are much more eco-friendly than the fresh flowers or other decorative items. They are biodegradable and can be used for a long time.
  2. Budget-friendly:
    As it is already mentioned, dry flowers can last for a long time and reduce the overall cost at a significant extent when compared to fresh flowers. In case of packing and transportation, a minimum amount is required, which increases the profit margin automatically.  
  3. No deadline:
    One of the greatest advantages of using dry flowers is that they have no deadline, as they do not get influenced by the mood of the seasons. Even the rage of time does not affect them. Unlike the fresh flowers, they are available in every season throughout the year.
  4. Minimum problems occur in transportation:
    In case of transportation of fresh flowers, there are many things that have to be maintained. As they are sensitive and can be damaged within hours, they have to be transported through flight and kept under certain low temperature conditions. On the contrary, dry flowers are not so sensitive and they can be transported even through ship, as temperature and time are not the concern in this case. According to the suppliers of dried flowers, it is much more profitable while transporting dried flowers.
  5. Domestic use:
    Dry flowers can be used at home as potpourri, and renovate the home with fresh fragrance. You don’t need to take care of them. They can also be used to prepare any dish, as they have the ability to enhance the taste of the dish

  6. Potpourri:
    Potpourri is a beautiful creation made of dry flowers. They are used to refresh the air and rejuvenate the environment.
  7. Used for candle making:
    In order to manufacture ornamental candles, dry flowers are heavily used. They are also used to place externally on the walls of the candle. These are so easy to make that even non-professionals can make them at home.
  8. Use for crafting:
    One can make beautiful handmade cards and papers by using dry flowers. Pages of books and notebooks can also be decorated with dry flowers. You can use it for making different household items like table mats, photo frames, door mats etc.
  9. Body care:
    In terms of body care, dry flowers are used widely. It can be sprinkled over the bath water. They are also used in making body lotions, masks, facial steams, toners, herbal hair rinses, sprays etc.

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