Thursday, 1 September 2016

Create Magic with Dried Flowers

Fresh flowers are one of the best gifts that nature has given to mankind. From soothing fragrance to vivid colours, flowers touch our mind and senses on a deeper level. Flowers are dried so that their cheerful and aesthetic appeal is preserved. Dehydrated flowers are used for various purposes, from home decoration to gifts. One can create magic with these preserved bounties of nature. Here are a few ways you can use dried flowers:

Home decoration
If you love to create DIY home decorations or if you want to beautify your house for any special occasion, preserved flowers can serve as your helping hand. Decorating your home with dried blooms is easy and the effects achieved are breathtakingly beautiful.  You can create a dried flower backdrop by arranging dried flowers on the wall. This not only attracts attention but also adds a spring-like feel to your house. For those who want to plan a warm and romantic Valentine’s Day celebration at home, walls decorated with dry flowers combined with proper lighting, can be the perfect background for the Valentine’s Day selfie. You and your special one will remember the fragrant valentine date for years to come.

One way could be to arrange dried flowers inside the clear or coloured glass bottles or jars; and then place them in your room or other places in your house as decoration. These are alluring and give a fairytale look to your house. You can also get creative and add fairy lights inside that jar or bottle as well. You can place lace or gossamer fabric with dried flowers in order to make the decorative jars more feminine.  

Potpourri made with dried flowers and dried plant parts can be used both as decoration and provide natural fragrance. Flowers that are dried can be used along with other dried plant parts to create exotic bunches or bouquets. Wreaths made of dry flowers and other plant parts are elegant door decorations.

If you love to unwind in the bathtub, sprinkle some dry flower petals in the bath water and soak yourself in the aroma. Add dried petals in the water that is being used for manicure and pedicure. You can also make homemade spa soaps using dried flowers. Your homemade soap will not only be visually pleasing but would also be filled with natural fragrance. Dried flowers gently exfoliate the skin. Dry flower petals are also added as ingredients of natural homemade face, body and hair mask. It is a good way to get benefits for nature’s goodness to your beauty care routine.  

If you love to surprise friends and family with personalised gifts, then you should incorporate dried flowers to accentuate the charm of your gifts. You can use them for gift wrapping ideas or to make expressive cards. You will surely create a long-lasting impression in the minds of your loved ones.
Apart from the above mentioned points, dried flowers can be used to make candles. They are also used to make crowns, hair bands, bracelets and other jewellery to achieve fairy tale and feminine look. Sachets and potpourris made with preserved flowers are natural insect repellents and air fresheners. They are good for closets and drawers. You can use dried flowers to add a pleasant and appealing touch to your life and of those around you.

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