Thursday, 27 October 2016

4 Ways to Use Dried Lotus Flower and Pods

Dried lotus flowers and pods can be used for various different purposes. Lotus plant reflects beauty and purity through every part, from flower to pod. The brilliance of the attractive lotus plant is preserved by drying it, using the right method.  After they have been dried, lotus flower, pods and seeds can be used to create visually appealing crafts. Here are a few ways dried lotus flowers and pods can be used.

Wedding centrepiece

A centrepiece is one of the most important items of display when it comes to wedding. Today, everyone wants a customised idea for wedding centrepieces. If you are into do-it-yourself wedding decorations, then dried lotus flowers and pods are all you need. Dried lotus flowers with leaves and other plant parts can be used to create beautiful centrepieces that will leave an impression on the minds of your guests. You can even add succulents or peacock and quail feathers to give the centrepiece an exotic look. Lotus pods with sticks can be combined with foxtail, cattails, wheat pods and other dried plant parts to create an eye catching centrepiece.

Bride bouquets
If you are a bride who is bored of regular bouquets, then why not give your bridal bouquet a new look with lotus pods? Lotus pods are eye pleasing gifts of nature that can be extremely attractive when used in bouquet of brides. The bouquet with lotus pods will surely be the point of discussion among the guests.  A bouquet with pods of lotus and other dried plant parts will add a touch of uniqueness to your wedding photo shoot.

Potpourri is a mix of dried plant parts and flowers to which herbs, oils and spices are added for fragrance. Lotus seeds and flowers can be used along with other ingredients to make potpourri. You can place this potpourri in drawers, closets and wardrobes after adding essential oils and herbs. If you add spice into this, it will act as an insect repellent.
If you have some fake plants or flowers, you can mix some lotus pods with other pods and seeds to create a base. You can place your fake plants or flowers in this potpourri base. This base helps in accentuating the visual appeal of the fake plants and flowers.
Another idea is to use the lotus pods, seeds, and petals in a bowl with other dry plant parts. Place it on the table as a decoration. You can add a few drops of essential oil or add a bunch of dehydrated herbs and the soothing aroma will help in creating a charming atmosphere.

Decorating doors

Have you ever been worried about the door decoration? It is really difficult to get new idea to decorate doors, especially during Christmas. If you want to decorate your doors in an attractive way and you want it to be different from others, you can use dried lotus pod wreaths to decorate the door. Lotus pods with pine cones and dried bunch of fruits and seeds will look elegant and appealing to your guests.
Dry lotus flowers and pods are so exquisite and artistic that they are used in various crafts apart from those mentioned above. If you want to add a unique personal touch to your decorations, just add the magic of dried lotus.

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